Drone Defence

The first fully mobile drone detection system in the world!

Private drones are increasingly being put to private use. This also unfortunately increases the risks that can develop from the use of such an airborne device. You have protected your private property against unauthorized intrusions and prying eyes!

When organising events, you have coordinated constructional measures in combination with personnel in order to prevent disturbances!
This unfortunately does not have validity for airspace. Drones are able to take high resolution photographs of your private surroundings or your company premises without this hardly being noticed. You are not even protected from the interior of your home being spied on in this regard.

Not only can drones take photographs of your private area, they can also place objects that could face you with an additional risk.

Absolute Security cooperates with the developer of a unique Drone defence system. Dedrone GmbH has developed the Drone Tracker that comprises diverse sensors that work together. This results in drones in your private airspace being detected and – if desired- signalled to your internal alarm system. Direct defensive measures are also possible in this case.

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