Personal Protection / VIP care

Whereever you go – Absolute Security does not leave you alone!

Personal Protection is one of the most risky and sensitive areas in our company; it is based on absolute trust and discretion. Personal protection places high requirements on our operative staff, since often there is an actual and imminent risk for the protected persons.

We look after public personalities, artists, athletes, persons of the business community and private persons that are exposed to a high risk. A very exact security and situational analysis, coupled with close cooperation with the competent national authorities form the basis for optimal personal security; these are of key importance. Due to our long-standing activity in the area, we have excellent contacts to national authorities and guarantee the highest level of security standards. Our operative staff – most of them with basic public training – participate in regular further training where they are coached in highly capable training units by qualified coaches and managers. One of the strengths of our company is accompanying abroad those in our trust; we would like to inform you about this in a personal meeting.

For many years, we have successfully looked after artists and athletes on the most various occasions. As our personnel is very sophisticated and excellently trained our VIP clients absolutely trust our work so that Absolute Security is their first choice when it comes to VIP care. For us, it goes without saying that our staff can blend into the event, this way staying discreetly in the background to become involved only if it is really necessary. To be able to look after our clients absolutely, our personnel uses their own frequency-protected radio technology for internal communication.